Great Example of User-Driven Innovation

User-Driven Innovation is a hot topic in the entrepreneurship and innovation literatures (see, for example, Eric von Hippel’s 2005 book Democratizing Innovation), particularly in information technology but also in agriculture and other applied fields. Here’s a great example from the world of computing devices: How to turn a $200 Barnes and Noble Nook into a full-fledged tablet computer.


2 Responses to Great Example of User-Driven Innovation

  1. Randy says:

    Peter correctly notes the rise of this topic. I would point everyone to an article by Sonali Shah and Mary Tripsas in the first volume of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. Sonali has the PDF linked here:,%20Tripsas%20-%20End%20User%20Entrepreneurship.pdf

    Shah and Tripsas offer a model of the user-driven innovation process and several examples from consumer goods industries. Their work highlights the formation of user groups around consumer goods, especially hard goods, including fun stuff like windsurfers and snowboards. They note that the motivation is generally not economic, as it usually is for the goods that von Hippel studies — software and hardware. Fun stuff

  2. Peter Klein says:

    Thanks Randy. On motivation, the famous “Breakthrough versus Bricolage” piece on windmills ( shows that the founders of the modern Danish industry were hippies who wanted their own source of energy independent of “Big Power.”

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