Entrepreneurship in Recession

During a recession, resources are reallocated from lower-valued to higher-valued uses. That’s why we call it a “correction,” after all! Of course, bailouts, stimulus programs, and other government programs can stymie this process. Nonetheless, evidence suggests that a large percentage of successful firms were started during economic downturns.

Simon Parker has produced a valuable new reader for Edward Elgar, Entrepreneurship in Recession, that explores these issues. From the publisher:

This timely volume discusses the role of entrepreneurship in recessions. Simon Parker has selected the key contributions in the literature, which seek to explain why economies enter into and emerge from recession, and the involvement of entrepreneurs in this process. A central theme is the contribution of entrepreneurship to the creation and propagation of business cycles. A combination of theoretical and empirical studies is included, and there is a particular focus on a salient issue which arises in recessions, namely unemployment. The book will be a useful resource for scholars and policy-makers interested in entrepreneurship, business cycles, economic growth and recessions.


2 Responses to Entrepreneurship in Recession

  1. Dan says:

    Could you produced your own reader that’s a tenth the price?

  2. Peter Klein says:

    That depends; are we in a recession?

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