AoM Entrepreneurship Doctoral Consortium

PhD students in economics, management, sociology, political science, and related fields interested in entrepreneurship should consider attending the Academy of Management’s Doctoral Consortium, 12-13 August 2011 in San Antonio. I am  conducting the theory workshop along with my friend Elaine Mosakowski. Other faculty facilitators include Susan Madsen, Steve Barr, Jim Combs, Gerry George, Marc Gruber, Phil Kim, Dan Forbes, Sanjay Jain, Susanna Khavul, Lou Marino, Geoff Kistruck, Jill Kickul, Jeff Covin, Jack Pearce, Jonathan Linton, and Bob Strom. See below for instructions, courtesy of Steve Michael and Joe Coombs, ENT Division Doctoral Consortium Chairs:

We invite applications for the 2011 Entrepreneurship Doctoral Consortium!

The Entrepreneurship Division will sponsor its annual consortium for doctoral students during the 2011 annual meetings of the Academy of Management in San Antonio, Texas. The Consortium brings together doctoral students and experienced faculty to discuss opportunities and challenges as scholars in the field. This year, the program will include panels and discussions on dissertation strategies, first job and career path considerations, establishing research partnerships, and a host of other topics. Students will also receive detailed and constructive feedback on their work from an accomplished scholar in the field. The Consortium will begin at 9 am on Friday, August 12, continue until 5 pm on Saturday, August 13, and include a dinner Friday evening.

The Consortium is open to doctoral students who have completed approximately two to three years of their Ph.D. program. The ideal candidate will have finished coursework and be engaged in preparing a dissertation proposal.

To apply, please follow the two steps below.

1) Please visit and complete the web form telling us of your desire to attend the consortium. You may do so immediately but please apply no later than *10 June*. (Cut and paste the address into your browser if necessary.)

2) Please submit a working paper. This paper must be on an entrepreneurship topic and is best a paper that you are moving towards publication or a detailed overview of your intended dissertation research. IMPORTANT NOTE: The paper must NOT (a) exceed 35 pages (all inclusive), or (b) be an accepted-for-publication/published manuscript. The working paper is a key requirement for admission.

Please submit this document through email to both Steven Michael ( and to Joe Coombs ( Please do so by *17 June*. Please do NOT submit the working paper before completing the web form. Please place “2011 ENT Doctoral Consortium” in the subject line.

Review of the application materials will begin on June 20, 2011. The consortium will be limited in size; positions will be allocated based on application materials. Questions should be sent to the Consortium Co-chairs, Steve Michael ( and Joe Coombs (

Please note: Acceptance into the consortium is via application only. Please do not register online. We will notify all those accepted into the consortium, and they will be given a registration code to use.

Thanks for your interest! We look forward to meeting you!

Steve Michael
Joe Coombs
ENT Division Doctoral Consortium Chairs


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