Award-Winner McQuinners

J.C. Won

Per Bylund

Mario Mondelli

It’s been a good academic year for McQuinn-affiliated scholars. Graduate Research Fellow Jong-Chul Won was one of three winners of the 2010 Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Competition sponsored by the SDAE. Graduate Research Fellow Per Bylund was named a Dan Searle Fellow by the Institute of Humane Studies for 2010-2011 and also won competitive travel grants from the IHS’s Hayek Fund for Scholars and the History of Economics Society’s Warren J. and Sylvia J. Samuels Young Scholars Program. Per also received the Albert R. Hagan Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Agricultural Economics, awarded annually to the top graduate student in Missouri’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. And Graduate Research Fellow Mario Mondelli received the Department’s Frank Miller Scholarship for outstanding achievement.

Congratulations to J.C., Per, and Mario for their great work this year. Expect them to have a significant impact on entrepreneurship scholarship in the years to come.

I picked up a couple of 2010 Best Paper Awards, one from the Association of Private Enterprise Education (for this paper) and one from the European Management Review (for this). And I’m going to call Dan Elfenbein an honorary McQuinner as well.

For award-winning entrepreneurship research, McQuinn is the place to be!


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