Columbia Entrepreneurship – Top 30 in Growth

AdVenture: extreme growth

The next issue of Inc. magazine features their annual listing (since 1982) of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the United States. Columbia-based AdVenture, an extremely fast-growing company that holds entities such as the League of Innovators, Museao, pure etc., hits the 2011 list on #28. Obviously, the McQuinn Center congratulates the great entrepreneurship carried out by owner-founder Brent Beshore and his great team.

One should not underestimate this accomplishment. Even though we’re suffering the “worst recession since the Great Depression,” the list is extremely competitive and it is no small feat to become one of the 500 – not to speak of the top 30. Today, just like during the Great Depression, a number of businesses and industries seem to be alive and well and some even experience high and (one assumes) sustainable growth, while others are suffering.

This may be the case due to the severe malinvestments in the market place during the boom, which ultimately leads to a bust. These malinvestments have primarily been made in the “bubble” industries (such as IT in the 1990’s and the recent housing and finance bubbles) that eventually burst and then cause temporary downturns in the markets during the correction. And, of course, this causes political panic. Judging from AdVenture’s growth and profitability in recent years, with one of its main entities pure offering services that corporations historically cut first in recessions, and the fact that we already had a communications and technology bubble well over a decade ago, this may very well be an example of sound and sustainable growth.

In any case, congratulations to the playful people at AdVenture and entities!


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