Austrian Economics and Entrepreneurship Studies

Henrik Berglund, Steffen Korsgaard, Todd Chiles, and I organized a Professional Development Workshop on “Austrian Economics and Entrepreneurship Studies” at the recent Academy of Management conference. Here’s Peter Lewin’s report at O&M. Now we can share the slides: my opening remarks on the origins and development of the Austrian school, Henrik’s discussion of Israel Kirzner and his influence on entrepreneurship scholarship, and Todd’s presentation on Ludwig Lachmann’s unique approach. Comments and questions welcome!


2 Responses to Austrian Economics and Entrepreneurship Studies

  1. amartinoro says:

    Peter, my question goes a little beyond of your presentations: do you know of a good reference in the literature dedicated to survey the concept of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship in the history of economic thought?
    Thanks very much.

  2. Peter Klein says:

    Sure! Here are some suggestions:

    Hébert, Robert F., and Albert N. Link. 1988. The Entrepreneur: Mainstream Views and Radical Critique. Second edition, New York: Praeger.

    Robert L. Formaini, “The Engine of Capitalist Process: Entrepreneurs in Economic Theory,” Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic and Financial Review, 2001. (

    Elkjaer, Joergen R. 1991. “The Entrepreneur in Economic Theory: An Example of the Development and Influence of a Concept.” History of European Ideas 13: 805–15.

    Hoselitz, Bert F. 1951. “The Early History of Entrepreneurial Theory.” Explorations in Entrepreneurial History 3: 193–220. Reprinted Joseph J. Spengler and William R. Allen, eds., Essays in Economic Thought: Aristotle to Marshall. Chicago: Rand McNally & Company, 1960, pp. 234-57. (

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