Program for McQuinn-SMG Conference on Strategic Entrepreneurship

Here’s the program for next month’s conference on “Multi- and Micro-Level Issues in Strategic Entrepreneurship,” co-sponsored by the McQuinn Center and the Copenhagen Business School’s Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, 13-14 October in Copenhagen. More information is available at the conference website. There’s still time to register!

Multi- and Micro-Level Issues in Strategic Entrepreneurship

Strategic entrepreneurship has become an exciting new field at the intersection of strategic management and entrepreneurship research. However, most research within the field has focused on identifying what organization-level factors cause firm-level entrepreneurial outcomes, rather than how and why these factors actually work in terms of cross-level and micro-level effects.

Program details

The conference will feature keynote speeches as well as paper sessions. Confirmed keynotes are:

  • · R. Duane Ireland, Texas A&M University
  • · Peter G. Klein, University of Missouri
  • · Shaker Zahra, University of Minnesota

Thursday 13th October 10.30 – 17.45

10:3011:30 Registration and light lunch
11:3011:45 Welcome and Introduction to the ConferenceNicolai Foss, CBS
11:4512:45 Keynote: “Creating Value through Strategic Entrepreneurship”R. Duane Ireland, Texas A&M University
12:4513:30 “Organizational Design for Opportunity Exploitation”Shaker Zahra, University of MinnesotaJacob Lyngsie, CBS

Nicolai Foss, CBS

Discussant: Keld Laursen, CBS

13:3014:15 “Ambidextrous Managers and Their Networks”Michelle Rogan, INSEADMarie Louise Mors, London Business School

Discussant: Torben Pedersen, CBS

14:1514:30 Coffee Break
14:3015:15 “Legacy of Organizational Practices and Sustained Diversity”Maryann P. Feldman, University of North CarolinaSerden Ozcan, CBS

Toke Reichstein, CBS

Discussant: Jacob Lyngsie, CBS

15:1516:00 “Selection and Serial Entrepreneurs”Jing Chen, CBSDiscussant: Christian Geisler Asmussen, CBS
16:0016:15 Coffee Break
16:1517:00 “Towards behavioral microfoundations: An experimental study of entrepreneurialsearch.”Nils Stieglitz, University of Southern Denmark

Discussant: Toke Reichstein, CBS

17:0017:45 “Strategic Choices and the Survival of IPO Firms Nina Rosenbusch, FriedrichSchillerUniversity JenaSimon C. Parker, Richard Ivey School of Business

Discussant: Peter G. Klein, University of Missouri

Friday 14th October 09.30 – 16.45

09:3010:30 Keynote: Opportunity Exploitation: The Core of Strategic EntrepreneurshipShaker Zahra, University of Minnesota
10:3011:15 “The Role of External Knowledge Sources and Organizational Design in the Process ofOpportunity Exploitation”Nicolai Foss, CBS

Jacob Lyngsie, CBS

Shaker Zahra, University of Minnesota

Discussant: Nils Stieglitz, University of Southern Denmark

11:1512:00 “Microfoundations of Entrepreneurship in Established Organizations: A SelfDetermination Theory Model for the Motivation to Engage in AbsorptiveCapacityRoutines”

Christian Garaus, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Discussant: Dana Minbeava, CBS

12:0013:00 Lunch at Kilen
13:0014:00 Keynote: “Managing Derived Judgment: Information, Incentives, and Biases”Peter G. Klein, University of Missouri
14:0014:45 “Entrepreneurial Psychology in Industry Evolution”Carl Henning Reschke, IMFK CologneDiscussant: Kåre Moberg, CBS
14:4515:00 Coffee Break
15:0015:45 “Corporate Entrepreneurship Behavior: An indepth case study”Olga Belousova, Louvain School of ManagementBenoît Gailly, Louvain School of Management

Discussant: Stefan Linder, CBS

15:4516:30 “The Firm as an Island of Specialization”Per L. Bylund, University of MissouriDiscussant: Nicolai Foss, CBS
16:3016:45 Conference closing and farewellNicolai Foss, CBS


Registration is required before October 1st, 2011 (see SMG Conference website for details on practicalities).


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