Live-blogging from the conference II

Almost half-way through the conference, it is obvious that strategic entrepreneurship (SE)  is a very interesting field of study and that it has great potential. One also feels compelled to conclude that Ireland’s expanded model of SE should be well taken: a great variety of topics have so far been covered from a distinctly SE point of view, and they all contribute greatly to our understanding of the firm, entrepreneurship, and strategy – and introduce new and exciting perspectives.

Interestingly, the papers so far have contributed greatly through adopting an “inter-subdisciplinary” approach, combining strong points from different subdisciplines and approached issues from a “combined” perspective. Many have mentioned the configuration and/or reconfiguration of resources that takes place within the firm, and added an entrepreneurial perspective to this process. But while one might expect primarily conceptual papers on this, most presentations so far have been of empirical studies and the authors have shown quite a bit of entrepreneurial ingenuity in applying existing techniques on existing data in pioneering ways.

The first day, therefore, has been extraordinarily interesting and educational. But, of course, we expect tomorrow to be even better: Peter Klein’s keynote address directly after lunch, with the titel “Managing Derived Judgment: Information, Incentives, and Biases,” should be interesting. And, of course, my own paper on thinking the firm primarily as an “island” of specialization in the very last session.


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