The Kauffman Foundation has released the inaugural version of its COMETS database (Connecting Outcome Measures in Entrepreneurship Technology and

Version 1.0 contains parsed, cleaned, integrated, and beta-tested data from U.S. Patents granted and NSF and NIH grants with a unique ID assigned to the same organization wherever it appears in any record in COMETS.

Over the next several years, COMETS builders Lynne G. Zucker, Michael R. Darby, and their UCLA-NBER research team plan to release successive COMETS versions extending the integrated database to include all published U.S. patent applications, SBIR and STTR grants, U.S. research universities (IPEDS/HEGIS), and U.S. dissertations. Zucker and Darby are also working to include scientist IDs similar to the organization ID and a compiled table of all organizations appearing in any of the legacy databases spanned by or used in construction of COMETS including type (firm, university, research institute, etc.), first and last appearance dates, preferred (most frequent) and variant names, locations with alternative geo-codes, and (for public firms) ticker and CUSIP symbols. The organization data files will serve not only as a sampling frame but also will directly enable a wide variety of studies of private and public high-technology firms and other organizations in the national innovation system. Zucker and Darby have shown that first appearance dates serve as a good proxy for entry dates into new technologies both for start-ups and pre-existing firms extending into the technology, enabling analyses of both entry and duration from entry to various success measures. While some data sources apply only to the United States, all observations are included where they are available. Additional details available at

This is an excellent resource for studying what I call “structural” entrepreneurship.


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