Nordic Startup Frenzy

Which way to Copenhagen?

We have noted earlier the great success of the Kauffman Foundation sponsored Startup Weekends, one of which was organized here in Columbia, Mo. (see here and here). It seems the Europeans are emulating this great concept. In Denmark, the very first startup weekend is organized this weekend, as part of the pan-European Startup Bootcamp.

While the people showing up for the startup weekend here in Columbia seemed quite normal (but perhaps energetic and risk-loving), Alex Facet, the co-founder of the European bootcamp, claims the entrepreneurs who show up for these events are different:

The people who take part in Startup Weekends are very special. They’re not normal. For one thing, they pay money to work really hard on the weekend, developing business ideas with strangers

As a Swede, I am not all too surprised about the statement that there are “not normal” people in Copenhagen. Come Monday, we will know if things were different in Copenhagen during the weekend. Or if it was “business as usual,” so to speak.


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