“Societal” Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship has found its way as an important concept into most areas. We talk of entrepreneurship in the very general form as human action or judgment, and entrepreneurship in the more limited sense of self employment or firm startups; individual or collective entrepreneurship; or economic entrepreneurship as distinct from social, political, and public entrepreneurship. But perhaps we should also add entrepreneurship in the sense of creating new societies?

At least, this is the way I interpret this Economist article on the entrepreneurial projects attempting to establish new micro societies in the form of “free cities” in Honduran development regions. Say what you will about the philosophical attractiveness of these particular cities, but the concept of free cities has been tried before (see here and here). And the historical impact was neither negligible nor disadvantageous (economically or socially). It remains to be seen what possible impact these states might have, if realized.


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