The Great Successor and Political Entrepreneurship

North and South Korea "after" dark

North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong Il is dead. The State Media reports that he died Saturday morning at age 69 on his “private” train of a heart attack (see also CNNFox, CBS). The population has already been prepared for the successor – in fact, the “Great Successor” to take over after the “Dear Leader” – Kim Jong Un, the third generation of “leaders” in the dictator-family.

(Obviously, the North Koreans seem to quickly be running out of good names for their dictators: from the Great Leader to the Dear Leader to the… Great Successor? What’s next?)

Let us hope that this successor is alert to his great opportunity to make history through replacing dictatorship with something much less invasive. After all, North Korea is failing and their lack of market incentives and private property (and consequently, entrepreneurship) means they are consuming whatever is left of their built-up capital. In other words, they are regressing in terms of prosperity and wealth, as one would expect from non-market economies.

Kim Jong Un, if you are reading this, here’s your great chance to make a difference: North Korea would be much better off with some political entrepreneurship. How about a “new economic policy” for your starving population – and perhaps a little freedom too?


One Response to The Great Successor and Political Entrepreneurship

  1. Ola! Mcquinncenter,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, This week the Iowa caucuses officially kicked off the 2008 presidential election cycle with resounding effects. If you take a look at the results, it seems that Republicans voted for the straightforward rules of decrease taxes, minimal govt, and particular responsibility. Huckabee may very well have acquired a sizeable sum of the Evangelical vote. The Democrats on the other hand, rejected Hillary Clinton’s guarantee of greater taxes, socialized well-being care, a weak national defense and a million concepts that Americans will have difficulties paying out for.
    All the Best

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